9 Unità complete di materiale multimediale, realizzato con speakers madrelingua, materiale stampabile, suggerimenti per l’insegnante, Extra Giochi per parlare.

Problem solving

Ogni Unità è introdotta da una mission che sarà il filo conduttore per giungere alla soluzione del problema

Extra giochi

Finger game, Pencil game, Cards, Child actors


Il docente dispone di un’Area Training on the job sempre consultabile


1HOME SWEET HOME!There is/There are Prepositions of placeYour home: bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, wardrobe, chair, shelf/shelves, door. Prepositions: in, next to, behind, under1-2
2HELP ME!Personal pronoun: it It’s Prepositions of place Places: main square, cafè, toy shop, ice-cream shop, cashpoint Prepositions: between, near1-2
3WHAT TIME!!!Wh-Questions: What time? The Interrogative form with the auxiliary “do”Everyday Verbs: have breakfast, have lunch , study, play football, go1-2
4MY DAYThe clockEveryday Verbs Revision The Clock: at half past, at quarter past, at quarter to, at ..past…, at … to … Days of the week1-2
5TELL ME...Wh-Questions: What time?/How?/ When?/ Where?/What? The interrogative form with the auxiliary “do” Plural pronouns: you/theyEveryday Verbs Revision Time Expressions and Days of the week1-2
6ABOUT US AND THEMLong and short negative form with the auxiliary “do not/don’t“ Plural pronouns: we/theyEveryday Verbs Revision1
7THE “S-FACTOR” The interrogative form with the auxiliary “does “ Wh-Questions: What time?/How?/ When?/Where?/What?Everyday Verbs Revision1-2
8BROTHERS AND SISTERSThe -s in the third person singular form in the affirmative Long and short negative form with the auxiliary “ does not/doesn’t “Everyday Verbs in the 3rd person singular1-2
9PERSONAL INFORMATIONPossessive adjectives: our/theirVocabulary Revision1-2
10MORE PERSONAL INFORMATION“have/has got” in the affirmative and negative form Pronouns; you, he, she, we, you (plural), theyVocabulary Revision1-2
11WHAT ARE YOU DOING?Present Continuous verb -ingEveryday Verbs Revision1-2

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